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Stairway to Heaven (Morning Sky)
3D assemblage
8x8" Width, 20" Height

Interactive lantern, a monument for meditation & spiritual healing.
Decorative yet functional. Includes different looks & incense holder to engage the senses and set mood.
Brass incense cup for incense during meditation or a tea light candle at night for subtle lighting. Can hold any small talisman, and is removable.
And, if the piece is placed in direct sunlight, it will throw rainbows into the room.
Lamp has 6 foot cord with switch.

Looks include..
~ Morning Sky (spiral staircase LED)
~ Sunset Sky (color projecting incandescent)
~ Midnight Moon (ultraviolet LED)
~ Prismatic Sky (lamp off, but in direct sunlight)

Materials: Assemblage/Sculpture.
Carrara Marble, banded agate, white howlite, wood, brass, blue and gold macaw feathers, glass, mirror, paints, clay, light bulbs, diffraction film, bundled sage.

This piece is an exploration of grief and spiritual passage.
A tribute to my Father, Robert Kuester and his perspective of earthy beauty as an oil painter. Every detail has special meaning and purpose. This lamp is meant to be inherently transformative & used in daily life.